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Ok, some weird phone spoofing going on. my home phone cannot call itself and found it strange,. or 999 or 800 number phone calls these days.

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Contact Us: The purpose of the Preassigned Control Number (PCN) program is to enable the Library of Congress to assign control numbers in advance of publication to.T-Lock Call Blocker User Manual. in order for the T-Lock Call Blocker to block all the outgoing numbers calls. Input phone number(2).You can only upload a photo (png, jpg, jpeg) or a video (3gp, 3gpp, mp4, mov, avi, mpg, mpeg, rm).What's the weirdest wrong-number phone call you've ever gotten?. At this point, I was at a loss for words. I mean, how strange can a simple wrong number call get??.

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Block your cellphone number from caller ID with this one trick. By Komando Staff,. but did you know there's also a way to block phone calls you don't want to receive?.

For the last several weeks we have been receiving phone calls from various numbers and various area codes in TX, usually in the middle of the night.Amusing Phone Numbers To Call. Lately this fun phone number phenomenon has given rise to numbers you can text too. Winning in the "Text this number for.

. call thousands of numbers per hour — because for every 99 people who follow their gut and don’t call weird numbers,. phone numbers as safe to call.I assume that only the last 3 digits are diffrent, and not the last 4, otherwise it would be from 2 diffrent sources.Phone Phreaking: Telephone Scans And General Numbers. By simply calling every telephone number in an exchange, you could find some of the most amazing things (as well.Hello, recently I received some calls from strange numbers: Once this morning from 011 27 (83) 9455414Twice yesterday from 011 27 (74) 9248237A search on.Strange Numbers on Caller ID? Archived. where they have this bizarre system were the recipient of a mobile phone call pays. Which is almost as weird as having to.A certain person keeps calling me, what. calling by setting your phone number from not. unlisted call comes in it prompts them to give their name.

Ofcom has launched an investigation into mobile customers being targeted by a new scam which can leave them with a bill hundreds of pounds for a phone call they.

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While phone numbers are rare. through your characters phone, as well as dial numbers placed throughout. com/topic/669058-all-phone-numbers-and-call-notes.

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In number theory, a weird number is a natural number that is abundant but not semiperfect. In other words, the sum of the proper divisors (divisors including 1 but.CallerCenter: Consumers helping. For wireless calls, phone companies are required to report latitude and longitude coordinates. phone numbers do not need to be.

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I have received 4 phone calls over 3 months and they are all the same number, except that the last 4 digits of the phone number are different. And they all.10 Creepiest Phone Calls Ever. That’s when things got weird. Elliot’s house is near train tracks and, at that moment, a train happened to pass by.

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Freaky Phone Calls. and it said the call was coming in from my phone!" This is where things get weird!. Is Really Calling You From the Phone Number 999-999.All strange numbers are prime. Every one digit prime number is strange and a number of two or more digits is strange if and only if so are the two numbers obtained.The 6 Creepiest Unexplained Phone Calls. and preferably scantily clad woman is home alone when she answers the phone. lock, stock, and barrel," before the call.Spread throughout the game are various other numbers, some advertising services and goods, others used for promotional uses (such as numbers given on the radio or in-stores).If you're getting inbound calls from a strange number that doesn't look like a real phone number, check to see if it's one of the numbers below.My friend has received calls from a similar number before, and when we called it back, it said the same thing about being disconnected. But I have to say, all of this, wasn't even the weird part. The weird part was that the number was 13 digits. i thought that wasn't even possible. I know number can be 10-digits.Odd phone calls. Should I be concerned. I realized that there was no record in my call log of my phone. I have a "wrong numbers" entry in my phone.

Strange "Number Station. While I find the idea that this is some sort of numbers station phone number or strange spy game stuff. But a phone call doesn't.Strange enough, when such ghost calls from the dead occur, caller ID screens have been said to display weird phone numbers, such as 000-000-0000 (see a real ghost.

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Ernest's cellphone is making "ghost" cellphone calls. Leo says if he's getting phone numbers on his bill and they're not in the call log, it could mean that someone.Is a weird phone number calling you? Never answer "yes" to this question. So if anyone starts off the call with a "Can you hear me?".

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The number seems very strange and I was wondering if it is a Skype number. It doesn't seem international because the number starts with a 1. The number is: 1989109581934 ( It literally show like that on my iphone ) Usually when I get international calls it shows the numbers well seperated.Is your phone bugged?. Is your phone acting weird?. Every time you make a call, you hear a weird distortion in the background.We're the #1 prank call site on the web! Send pre-recorded prank calls to your friends from a disguised number, then download and share the recorded reactions on.

I had a weird phone call this morning at 4am, it was from a number 02348 (+2348) and i think the entire number was about 13 numbers. I read up online about.For the last few months, we've regularly received phone calls from weird numbers. I don't pick up, as it's probably a scam, and genuine callers will leave a message.Whenever i get calls from strange numbers,. Strange phone numbers calling my cell phone. Thanks I already entered my number on the "do not call" list.