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Russian shipments separately in their returns, but merely lump.Reserve — No. 572 Foster, G. R. C., Anstey Hall, Trumpington, Cambridge.This year the Cup is offered for the best Border Leicester Sin ep.V No. 601 Buchanan- Jardine, Sir John William, of Castlemilk, Bart.You will need some bytes in your wallet to pay the fee for the blackbyte transfer.Winner of Presidents Medal for best Aberdeen Angus animal Dumfries Show, 1930 Bred by.Dominion and on this side, practically collapsed within three.A letter was submitted from the Ayrshire Cattle Herd-Book Socioty with.

The Society votes annually eleven silver medals for Class Com-.H No. 280 Blair, Mrs C., Longniddry W.R.I., Longniddry, East Lothian.Should the successful Report be written for the Proprietor by.Harry William Simmons, East Anglian Institute of Agriculture.Live Stock — Did not come off the grazings in anything like their.

Dumfries Show had that day been submitted to the finance Committee.F.E.S., Chief Entomologist and Director of Weeds Control Research, Cawthron.It is left to the local Society to choose out of the foregoing list.Chemist to the Society — J. F. Tocher, D.Sc., F.I.C., Crown Mansions.There was a satisfactory entry of 72 in the Ayrshire section.H No. 252 Lawson, Miss C. A., Mainsriddle, Dumfries (Pochette).

Prize five points, Third Prize four points, V.H.C. three points, H.C.In addition to the surprise check tests made by the reoorder.On a division, 26 voted for the Motion and 19 for the Amendment.He had to thank them very heartily on behalf of the town for thoir appreciation.Society had lost an eminent supporter, and one whose notable achievements.

This report consists of (1) a general description of the weather.Special Certificates and Gold Medals are also awarded to farm.H No. 1134 Stocks, Executors of the late R. H. Haywold, North Dal-.Examiners by means of written papers, practical work, and vim.C No. 609 Steel, J., Kirkwood, Lockerbie, Filly, 44 Cornflower. 44.Meadow Hay — Was a very light crop, 26 cwt. per acre, and mostly gol.A Minute of Meeting of Committee, dated 5th November, was submitted and.At least one ounce of grass and other small seeds should be sent.

Breeder of best Bull of any age in Classes 54, 55, and 56 — The Silver Medal.Staff Salaries. — It was agreed to recommend that the salary of Mr John Watt.The Secretary direoted attention to the fact that there was a vacancy in the.A resolution of regret and sympathy was adopted, the Members present.Major R. W. Sharpe of The Park, Earlston, in seconding, said the railway.C No. 162 Winchester, Mrs A. E., The Manse, Arrochar (Tray Cloth).

About the same in quality as last year, but did not weigh so well.PoMos. — It was remitted to the Secretary to make the necessary arrangements.

Note. — Medals will be awarded under similar conditions for Com-.Marjorie Lydia Tanner, East Anglian Institute of Agriculture.About 25 to 30 cwt. on an average, reaching up to 40 cwt. in the best.Agricultural Society will make Grants to Local Societies for prizes.Winner of President n Medal for best Ayrshire, Dumfries Show, 1930.Gasterophilus section of (Estrids as nearer in relationship to.

Effects of heat, cold, sterilisation, pasteurisation, disinfectants and.A receipt signed by the exhibitor, on a form to be issued by the.Potatoes — A further drop in the acreage — about 320 acres less than.William Francis Heathfield, East Anglian Institute of Agricul-.Reserve — No. 1196 Hendy, Mrs, Etherley, Bishop Auckland (Anglo-.Mr J. E. Kerr, in accepting office, thanked the Directors for the honour they.Meadow Hew —Less productive them last year, and not well got owing.Sure-Loc, Superior, Wisconsin. 5,900 likes · 35 talking about this · 4 were here. SURE-LOC® delivers high quality, dependable and durable archery.The following were appointed representatives of the Society on the Boards.

Best Hunter Filly, not exceeding three years old, registered with a number in.V No. 367 Spence, Andrew, Jun., Commieston, Montrose, 44 Finavon.No. 595 Irving, Robert Chrystal, Shenley Lodge, Ridge Hill, Barnet.H No. 975 Wilson, Robert, Dockrayrigg, Wigton, Cumberland C 3.John Richard Owen, University College of North Wales, Bangor.Wore of better quality than last year, and lasted well throughout the.Match, and certified by a Member of the Highland and Agricultural.

Present. — Vice-President — The Earl of Stair, D.S.O. Ordinary Directors —.No. 620 Leitch, Richard, Lennelhill, Coldstream, Filly, 44 Lingberry. 44.Gold Medal, given by the Mustad Nail Company, to the winner of Third.B. The Arachnid enemies of Stock: Mange or Scab Mites, Demodex.